BNR Stage 3 Turbos


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The best twin turbo upgrade available for the FD3S RX-7. BNR takes the stock twin turbo unit and machines the housings to accept BNR-spec Garrett GT28 cartridges. This yields a complete bolt-on package with all new internal components. Perfect for everything from a stock car with failing turbos to those looking for  an easy 380-400 hp with excellent response at a low cost.


Direct bolt-on replacement for the stock twin turbos.

Capable of making excess of 400 wheel hp with proper tuning and supporting modifications. We have done as much as 430.

Upgraded shafts. Stock and the competition are only 5mm and cannot properly support a larger wheel.

360 degree thrust bearings. Stock and the competition are 270 degree and cannot withstand high boost.

Discreet stock appearance.

Can be run sequentially or in parallel.

Significantly less expensive than a single turbo conversion.

Made in the USA.


-Please note that while we try to keep a set in stock, these are generally built to order. Lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks depending on current workload.

-The stock Y pipe must be extended to fit these turbos and therefore sent in. This service is included in the price.

-There is a $300 core fee. We recommend you send the turbos in first for inspection. Any significant cracking around the wastegate area deems the turbos unuseable for a core.

-Shipping runs a flat rate of $80 in the USA


*A note about rebuilt stock turbos*

The stock twin turbos are generally non considered rebuildable. Because of the heat the turbos see, the housings distort. This distortion does not allow the new parts to sit true. Therefore all rebuilt stock turbos fail prematurely. Because the BNR turbos are precision machined to accept the new cartridges, this is not an issue.



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