Goopy 13B Chromoly Engine Studs


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The factory tension bolts are designed for stock power levels. Over time and through multiple uses these bolts can stretch, causing inconsistent clamping force holding the motor together. The housings can twist affecting clearancing, and ultimately can result in engine failure. Engine studs are a worthwhile investment on modified cars and when exceeding 400 wheel hp on the REW motor. We feel they are mandatory when approaching and exceeding 500 wheel hp. On S4 cars these are a must by 400 hp.

This set of 16 chromoly studs can be torqued up to 40 ft/lbs. We don’t recommend torqueing the factory bolts past 30.

Direct replacement for the factory tension bolts. No machining or rethreading required.

Designed to work with the factory tension bolt washers.

Genuine ARP hardware. The best in the industry.

6 point hex for easier installation and removal.


Made in the USA.


IR Performance Installation Instructions

When installing these studs all threads and holes must be clean of any debris and old sealant. We recommend running a thread chase through each of the front iron threads.

Assemble the motor as normal.

Clean each stud with acetone or brake cleaner.

Apply a thin coating of oil to the threads that screw into the front iron. DO NOT allow oil to get on the rear threads of the studs.

Screw each stud into the motor until they bottom out in the front iron.

Apply a thin coating of silicone rtv to each factory tension bolt washer and place over each stud. This will help ensure proper sealing. We prefer Locktite 5900.

Tighten each nut following the factory torque sequence until they are snug.

Following the factory torque sequence, torque the nuts starting from 20 ft/lbs and in 5 ft/lb increments until you reach your desired torque. We recommend 35 ft/lbs for most applications.

Allow the sealant to set overnight. We recommend pressure testing every engine to ensure proper seating of the coolant orings and that there are no other leaks.




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