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IRP Black Friday Sale: Poly Motor Mounts, Stainless Oil Necks, Master Cylinder Braces

Here is your chance to pick up some of these exclusive products at substantial savings. Any of these can also make a great gift for the holidays for that special RX-7 owner in your life.   Orders may be placed on by emailing me at If you get me a message before the end of deadline, the sale price is valid.

IRP Polyurethane Motor Mounts   -The best mounts for the fd   -Significantly reduce engine movement without inducing excessive vibration   -Cut from premium grade polyurethane stock   -Pressed in steel inserts prevent over compression   -Exclusive lower bushing further isolates vibration   -Grade 10.9 metric hardware included   -Available in both street and track hardness   -Made to order. Please allow 1 week for delivery.

Normal price: $155   SALE $105


IRP Stainless Steel Oil Filler Neck   -IRP Exclusive design and the only one currently on the market   -Functional and eye catching   -Prevents oil from working up the oil neck during aggressive cornering   -All 304 Stainless Steel construction   -CNC’d flanges and bungs   -Butt welded fittings and neck, TIG welded -Choice between dual –6 ports or a single –10 port to run to catch can and/or compressor inlet   -Custom machined flange that works as a baffle while not restricting filling   -Made in the U.S.A. by rotary enthusiasts   -Works with stock and aftermarket oil caps   -Fits with GZ/Excessive LIM as well as stock   -No modifications needed, bolt on and go   -Includes sealing o-ring and mounting hardware

Normal price: $245   SALE $205


IRP Billet Master Cylinder Brace   -IRP exclusive and the only one on the market   -CNC’ed aluminum and hard anodized.   -Easy installation and to help aid in deflection of the master cylinder under hard braking. Have a friend press the brake pedal while you watch the master cylinder and brake booster and you will see how much it moves   -Includes stainless steel hardware for installation.

Normal price: $125   SALE: $115


10347084_721773161232148_2635630113989820895_nIRP Polyurethane Motor Mounts (Pictured: Street/Soft)


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