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We Are Expanding!

I have a big announcement to make. After nearly 10 years in business for myself and close to 20 in the rotary game, we are expanding once again. I founded IR Performance in 2006 out of a single bay garage with the help of a friend when I grew tired of working for other people and their unethical business practices.I worked full time at a day job while taking in 1 car at a time for side work. Soon we had enough work that I quit my day job. 2 years later we expanded to our current 2000 sq ft facility where we continued to grow for the last 8 years. In the pursuit of my dream in becoming the most highly regarded rotary and performance shop in the country, we are moving once again. Our new 4000 sq ft shop is located approximately 15 minutes further south from our current location, and will have 3 lifts, an awd load control dyno, paved parking, fenced in vehicle storage, 24/7 video surveillance, dedicated office and lounge area for customers, expanded parts department, and a few more surprises. The current shop will remain open throughout the month of April while we get set up in the new one. Our responses and work turnaround time may be delayed during the transition so please bear with us. This shows what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, honesty, eliminating negative people and elements from your life, and having supportive family/friends and a great team of employees. Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come. Thank you for all the support over the years.



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