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IRP Fuel Pump Relay Installation

This installation is fairly straightforward but to properly do any installation you should understand how the system works, and why.

With the installation of aftermarket fuel pumps required for modified cars there is also a need for more amperage to power these pumps. The stock power wire just is not enough.

The solution is to install a relay in-line which will take the stock power wire and convert it to a relay trigger wire. The relay then takes power directly from the battery and powers the pump.

The power wire *White with a Red tracer* becomes a trigger wire in this case. It is the thickest gauge wire on the fuel pump connector.

Simply put, we interrupt this wire and use the wire to trigger the relay on, then send battery voltage directly to the fuel pump.

Simply cut the White Wire with the red tracer to get the 2 points to connect the relay which is explained in further detail below.

Relay Wiring Explained.

Yellow Wire: This Wire gets connected to a fuse (30 amp fuse provided) and connected to the battery directly.

Grey Wire: This wire goes to a chassis ground. Any bolt on the chassis should be fine. We prefer to use the star point ground behind the trunk plastic but any bare metal should work great depending on the installation.

Orange Wire: This wire goes to the body side of the White with Red Tracer wire cut in the above step.

Red Wire: This goes to the Fuel Pump side of the White with Red Tracer wire cut in the above step.

We will be posting a video in the coming months once we get to this video in the queue. We have many videos we will be posting in the future. We appreciate your patience.

Team IRP