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IRP Haltech Fuse Box Bracket Installation

If you are using the Haltech Elite for engine management on your build, then the Haltech Fuse Box is essential to have. Our custom made fuse box bracket is an easy bolt-on solution for mounting the Haltech Fuse box, that allows for a clean install.


  1. Hardware and Tools
  2. Step 1: Move Connectors
  3. Step 2: Mount the Fuse Box Bracket
  4. Step 3: Mount the Fuse Box

Hardware and Tools

What We Include:

  • Hardware Kit
    • M6x12mm Buttonhead
    • M5x10mm Buttonhead
  • Fuse Box Bracket

What You Need:

  • Ratchet (we used one ¼ and one ⅜ ratchet)
  • Extension (we used a ¼ extension)
  • 3mm hex bit
  • 4mm hex bit

Step 1: Move Connectors

Before starting, be sure to disconnect the battery. In the passenger side (for LHD cars) of the engine bay, near the ABS pump, unclip the grey and black connector and tuck it low, out of the way.

Next, disconnect the airbag connector (blue and orange) and reroute the connector underneath the ABS lines and then reconnect them.

Pull the air-bag wire harness out of the cable retainer above the strut tower and tuck the connector and wire harness under the ABS pump.

Step 2: Mount the Fuse Box Bracket

Line the fuse box bracket up so that the “IRP” logo is against the body and line up the bolt holes. Using the M6x12mm buttonhead bolts, fasten the bracket into place and tighten it down with the 4mm hex bit.

Step 3: Mount the Fuse Box

Place the fuse box in place on the bracket so that the bolt holes are lined up. Use the M5x10mm buttonhead bolts and 3mm hex bit to fasten and tighten the fuse box onto the bracket. To fasten the bolt on the left of the fuse box (closest to the firewall) you will need to use the extension to reach the bolt.

The installation is now complete. The IRP Haltech Fuse Box Bracket is extremely straightforward to install and allows for a clean install. If you haven’t already, you can purchase the fuse box bracket through our site by clicking here to visit the product page. As always, feel free to browse our site to find more parts for your rotary needs, or reach out with any questions. Happy brapping!

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