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Our Mustang AWD Load Control Dyno is up and running!

We have a brand new, in-house Mustang AWD dyno available for rental.


-Mustang Dyno is the leading standard in the tuner industry.

-AWD and 2WD compatible.

-Can candle in excess of 2000 wheel hp.

-Eddy current load control allows us to hold the engine at any rpm desired while making adjustments to the tune. This allows every cell in the map to be tuned. The result is a very well sorted tune with increased power, drivability, and safety. Anyone that straps a car to a dyno and does a few full throttle pulls and is done is doing you a huge disservice from a tuning perspective. The car may make peak hp, but drivability will suffer.

A note about other dynos: Most other dynos such as Dynojet are inertia dynos. The vehicle spins up a rotating drum. The dyno computer knows the weight of the drum and calculates how fast the vehicle spins it up and to what rpm, and gives a horsepower readout. Dynojets are great dynos for peak horsepower numbers, but they are a poor choice for tuning. A Mustang Dyno is an Eddy current dyno. Eddy current acts as a magnetic brake to apply load as the vehicle spins the rollers. This is similar to the resistance a vehicle encounters in the real world. The results are more accurate numbers and a safer, more accurate tune. While Mustang dyno numbers tend to be lower than Dynojet numbers, we can calculate Dynojet horsepower on our dyno as well.

Introductory Special: 3 pulls for $99

We will set up your car on the dyno and perform 3 power pulls, allowing cool down between pulls.

Hourly rentals:

$199/hour. Discounts available for multiple hours and full day rentals.

Dyno time starts once the car is set up and ready for its first pull. You are responsible for providing your own tuner or we can provide you one. Since each tuner has their own pricing, this will be discussed on a case by case basis.

There will be a $50 cleanup surcharge for any fluids leaked onto the dyno.

A vehicle inspection is recommended to make sure the car is safe prior to dyno tuning.


Rotary Engine Tuning:

Our in-house tuner is available by appointment. John Renna has been an RX-7 owner and rotary engine enthusiast for many years. Purchasing his first 3rd generation RX-7 back while he was in high school, John gradually took it from completely stock to a full blown track car. He can frequently been seen at New Jersey Motorsports Park tracking his RX-7 or Miata. John learned through first hand experience working on his own cars. Working as a full time engineer, John enjoys tuning rotary engines  in his downtime. He is an expert tuner that focuses on drivabilty, reliability, and useable power. Let us tune your car. We guarantee you will be amazed at the difference.



Supported platforms:

-Apexi Power FC






Tunes start at $699 and include dyno time.

All tuning with John Renna must be booked through IR Performance. Call us for scheduling.



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We Are Expanding!

I have a big announcement to make. After nearly 10 years in business for myself and close to 20 in the rotary game, we are expanding once again. I founded IR Performance in 2006 out of a single bay garage with the help of a friend when I grew tired of working for other people and their unethical business practices.I worked full time at a day job while taking in 1 car at a time for side work. Soon we had enough work that I quit my day job. 2 years later we expanded to our current 2000 sq ft facility where we continued to grow for the last 8 years. In the pursuit of my dream in becoming the most highly regarded rotary and performance shop in the country, we are moving once again. Our new 4000 sq ft shop is located approximately 15 minutes further south from our current location, and will have 3 lifts, an awd load control dyno, paved parking, fenced in vehicle storage, 24/7 video surveillance, dedicated office and lounge area for customers, expanded parts department, and a few more surprises. The current shop will remain open throughout the month of April while we get set up in the new one. Our responses and work turnaround time may be delayed during the transition so please bear with us. This shows what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, honesty, eliminating negative people and elements from your life, and having supportive family/friends and a great team of employees. Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come. Thank you for all the support over the years.



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New Showroom

Recently we completely redid our showroom and waiting area. Customers can wait in comfort while we work on their vehicles. Enjoy a cup of coffee or cold bottle of water while watching tv, reading the latest car magazine, or utilizing the free WiFi. Or just stop by to hang out.


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Another single turbo build we just finished up.


Just finished up Bobby’s 94 RX-7. The car came in almost completely stock and we turn it into a 500 wheel hp capable street car that can be driven daily and still retained the a/c and power steering. The motor is currently being broken in. Stay tuned for dyno numbers and videos.

Here is the mod list:


IRP Stage 4 race ported motor

RX Parts apex seals with anti-friction coating

Resurfaced rotor housings

Atkins solid corner seals

Pineapple Racing viton orings

Remainder of seals, springs, bearings and gaskets are new oem Mazda fd parts

IRP polyurethane motor mounts

Banzai Racing block off plates

Banzai Racing oil pan brace

Banzai Racing aluminum pulleys

Pineapple Racing idler

Ceramic coating on manifolds


IRP Borg Warner S360 twin scroll single turbo kit

Magnaflow high-flow catalytic converter

Racing Beat dual tip catback


ACT Extreme clutch

ACT Streetlite flywheel

ACT couterweight


Greddy V Mount intercooler

Tial Q blow off valve

IRP updated water pump

IRP 180 degree thermostat

AST deletion

Greddy breather tank


Apexi Power FC

Apexi FC boost control kit with 3 bar map sensor

AEM methanol injection

HKS Twinpower ignition

IRP 140 amp alternator

Innovate boost, wideband, and oil temp/pressure gauges

Prosport triple gauge pod

Braille 21 lb racing battery relocated to storage bin


IRP competition fuel system with Full Function rails and 725/2000cc injectors

Walbro 450 E85 pump

Fuel Lab regulator


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