Policies & Rates

Shop Hours:  Monday- Friday 10am – 6pm.

We are closed to the public on most weekends and nationally recognized holidays.

All appointments must be confirmed a minimum of 1 business day in advance. If you do not confirm, we will assume you are not keeping the appointment.

Labor Rates: $200 per hour

Labor time is calculated on a manufacturer’s flag hour schedule. We use the same major estimator software as most other shops and dealerships: All Data, Shop Key, Mitchell 1, etc.

Due to the nature of performance modifications, labor times may need to be adjusted on a case by case basis.

For custom fabrication, the time required to complete the job is what is billed.

Vehicle Storage:

All vehicles/motors must be picked up within 1 week of completion unless prior arrangements are made.

There will be a $25/day storage fee afterwards.

All cars/motors in the shop must be actively being worked on or in que awaiting to be worked on.

Due to limited space, we cannot store customer’s vehicles, motors, or parts.

We are not responsible for weather effects on body work, paint, carbon fiber, etc. Customers may provide a car cover if they wish to do so.

We are not responsible for transportation of vehicles when our end of the work is completed, but the car is not drivable.

No vehicle, motor, or part is released from the shop until it is paid for in full.

Final payment cannot be via personal check unless it clears in advance.

Forms of payment Accepted:

Cash, Check, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

There will be a $50 surcharge for all returned checks.


We can source almost any part. If you see a better price, chances are we can match it. We stand behind everything we sell.

All special order parts must be paid for in advance.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the website based on the item’s size, weight, and address it is shipping to. Shipping fees also include handling costs. Most smaller items are shipped via USPS. Larger and heavier items usually ship via UPS or Fedex. Motors, transmissions, body parts, and other oversize/overweight items ship via freight. If ordering multiple items, please contact us if you would like to consolidate shipping.

IR Performance LLC strongly advises against customers sourcing their own parts. We have many years of experience and know what works and what does not. Certain parts do not fit with other parts. Certain parts do not compliment other parts. There are many poor quality and counterfeit parts on the market. We understand that everyone is eager to find the best deal, especially in this economy. However we have found that more times than not, going the cheaper route costs the customer more money in the long run. Do it once. Do it right.

Under no circumstance is IR Performance LLC responsible for any provided used part and there is no warranty on these parts.

Shipping/Order Fulfillment:

While we stock most parts in house, there may be specific parts that are produced upon order placement. These parts typically have production ETAs on the product page.

In stock products that are ordered with an expedited shipping option typically ships the same business day if ordered before 11am EST or the next business day. Non-Expedited shipping options may take a few days to fulfil and will ship as soon as our fulfilment team can process the order and get it out the door. Non-Expedited shipping options typically ship within 3-4 business days.
Covid and supply chain delays could delay shipping. Due to the current state of the motorsport industry and increasing costs/expenses, prices on all parts are subject to change. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Expedited shipping option calculations are from the date shipped not the date ordered.


All returns must be done within 30 days of the purchase date. Parts must be unused and in original packaging to be eligible for return.

The customer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning the part to us or the manufacturer plus any re-stocking fees.

Refunds will be processed once we or the manufacturer receives the part in satisfactory condition.

There are no returns/refunds on turbo kits, motors, and other built-to-order items.

There are no refunds given on jobs once work has started/parts are ordered on a project that the customer has approved.

Refunds are completed within 10 business days of the request for refund being cleared and approved by management. Refunds are subject to processing fees incurred during charge for any canceled orders or job.


1 year/12,000 mile warranty on all labor and all motors against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

In order for any potential warranty claim to be honored, it must be presented to IR Performance LLC within the 1 year/12,000 mile period and immediately when any issue is discovered. The vehicle, motor, or part must be brought directly to IR Performance. Diagnosis by other shops or self diagnosis at home will not be honored.

All warranty labor must be performed by IR Performance LLC. We do not reimburse for labor performed elsewhere.

All parts must be warrantied directly through IR Performance LLC. We do not reimburse for parts sourced elsewhere.

Damage to IR Performance LLC built motors during tuning by 3rd parties shall not be covered under warranty.

Warranties are not transferable.

IRP Engine Warranty Rules and Regulations

We warranty our rebuilt motor installation for our labor and parts against installation-related defects for a 12 month/12,000 mile period (whichever comes first). Mazda warranties their Remanufactured/New motors for parts against assembly-related defects for 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes first). IR Performance reserves the right to void any engine warranty under specific circumstances.

Our warranty does not cover engine failure due to:

  • Overboosting
  • Overheating
  • Detonation due to lean conditions or improper ignition timing
  • Detonation due to old gas, bad gas, or low octane gas
  • Over revving the engine
  • Racing or off-road use
  • Please note that this list is not all-inclusive

Examples of actions that will void your warranty:

  • Having your car tuned by anyone other than an IRP-approved shop with a professional tuner
  • Having your car worked on by anyone other than an IRP-approved rotary specialty shop
  • Not performing our Regular Maintenance Schedule
  • Not following our Engine Break-in Schedule
  • Damage cause to the motor due to improper installation or service
  • Having another shop remove, tamper with, or disassemble an IR Performance motor will immediately void the warranty without question.
  • Please note that this list is not all-inclusive

Every motor will include extensive details regarding the warranty, a break in schedule, and recommended maintenance.

Tuning Disclaimer:

Generally we prefer to tune vehicles that we build in house. We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Every car must brought to us for inspection prior to tuning to ensure the vehicle is safe and has no obvious pre-existing conditions when applicable. Cars are tuned with safety and reliability as a priority, and power secondary. With all tuning there is some assumed degree of risk by the owner of the vehicle. These are high-performance modified cars and there are many variables to take into consideration. IR Performance LLC is not responsible for engine or vehicle damage that results from tuning, nor is IR Performance LLC responsible for engine or vehicle damage that occurs if a customer chooses to have their vehicle tuned by a 3rd party.

Please Note: Due to supply chain difficulties due to covid19 in-house made products and other made to order items may be delayed past their estimated lead time. Please bear with us during these unprecedented times.