13B MSP Mazda Remanufactured Engine, Mazda RX-8


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13B MSP Mazda remanufactured engine for the Mazda RX-8. All Mazda reman engines have all new seals and gaskets. All parts cleaned and checked against spec before being professionally assembled at Mazda’s reman facility. Wheather you are looking to just relace your tired motor, or begin a performance build, this is usually the most cost-effective starting point for your build as replacing rotors, rotor housings, and side plates adds up in cost very quickly. We find that nearly all Mazda reman engines have brand new rotor housings. Each engine comes with a 1 year/12,000 mile warranty from Mazda.


-All new internal seals and gaskets

– 1 year/12,ooo mile warranty from Mazda

-Shipping runs approximately $300-$350 round trip in the Continental USA. (engine to you and core return to Mazda)

-There is a $1000 core fee if not returning a core engine to Mazda.

-Please contact us for your specific year and model (4 port/6port, 6-speed/auto) and for the best price.




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