ETS Mitsubishi Evolution X High Flow Cat Test Pipe Upgrade 2008-2012



The ETS Evolution X High Flow Cat Test Pipe is a direct replacement of the factory catalytic pipe.  This has been dyno tested for a 10-15whp increase over the factory catalytic pipe.  Works with factory downpipe and factory exhaust system as well as any other aftermarket exhaust system that mounts in the factory location.


  • Direct Replacement J-Pipe O2 Bung (Prevents Check Engine Lights)
  • Optional Wideband o2 bung
  • Stainless Steel
  • Factory bend to clear the driveshaft unlike the competitors who use a straight pipe that will rub against the driveshaft.
  • 200 Cell High Flow Cat – Metal Core


Catalytic Converter Dimensions
Inlet Diameter – 3″
Outlet Diameter – 3″
Outer Shell Size – 4.00″ O.D.
Overall Length – 10″
Metal Core Catalytic Converters are superior to traditional ceramic core converters in many ways:
– 100% Stainless Steel construction
– Metal Monolith is much more resistant to the effects of vibration than traditional ceramic bricks and capable of withstanding higher operating temperatures.
– 200 cell per Sq. Inch catalyst flows at 578 CFM, up to 40% better than a typical ceramic core converter.
– Optional Wideband O2 Bung (Add $20)
Note: Dyno Graph is of the standard test pipe for reference.


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