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The FD3S Greddy V-Mount intercooler kit contains every nut and bolt to install a fully ducted ‘V’ layout intercooler and radiator setup.

  • Enables simple bolt-on conversion to V-Mount intercooler/radiator configuration.  This setup is desirable for street, track, and high horsepower applications alike.
  • Full Kit includes air filters, intake piping, charge piping and cast elbow.  Ducting, relocation tubing, every last piece is included for a seamless installation!
  • Large intercooler (266x400x100) is fed fresh air in the V mount orientation.  The intercooler and radiator do not block each other in this style setup making it the perfect design for increased charge air cooling, while effectively considering heat management.  More power = more heat, and the V-Mount intercooler/radiator setup simultaneously allows for increased boost and decreased heat.
  • New high-effeciency custom aluminum radiator included (355x631x48).  As the radiator and intercooler do not overlap in the V mounting orientation, airflow to the radiator is not decreased as in front-mount setups.  As a result, the radiator can work effectively with maximum efficiency being fed cold air directly from the grille.

Please Note: We typically buy Greddy V-Mount Intercoolers for Single Turbo installations by the pallet. We almost always have them in stock. However the Greddy V-Mount Kit for Twin Turbo installations (Both versions) are less common for us to have in stock as they sell out fast. Please be aware that these can have between a 2-6 week shipping delay depending on availability (sometimes longer depending on Greddy-Trust stock in Japan. These kits are are not refundable once ordered. 

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Weight 1068 oz
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 24 in


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