IRP IGN-1A Plug & Play Ignition System


In Production, Current Lead Time 4-8 weeks

Connection Type *

Our ignition kit was designed to work either as a completely Plug-and-Play kit for the FD ignition harness or is easily modified to work with aftermarket Engine Management Systems like Haltech, Motech, Etc.

We can either ship it with your choice of a Plug-and-Play connector or a DTM-6 connector for aftermarket applications.

Specify here which you would prefer.

Note: This is easily changed later on if you want to remove the OEM Style connector and replace it with a DTM connector.

Ignition Wire Color *

We offer both Red and Black Ignition Wires as well as White and Yellow Labels.
(If left unspecified we will send our default black wires with yellow labels)

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Currently about 4-8 week or less lead-time.

Orders are non-refundable once placed.

Introducing the IRP IGN-1A Plug & Play Ignition System.
This new Improved design allows a true drop-in ‘Plug & Play’ ignition solution for the FD RX-7. 

The IGN-1A Smart coils are becoming the new standard in the High Performance Community and the perfect solution for high horsepower FD’s. When upgrading to  marine coils many have solutions that require modification to the factory wiring to get them working. We have designed a complete plug and play package for anyone looking for a easy upgrade solution. Simply Tap Power, Connect the proper grounds and plug in the igniter connector to the factory wiring; it is that simple.

Some additional upgrades are increased independent grounding points, DR-25 sheathing & mil-spec components used wherever possible.

IGN-1A Smart Ignition coils

Originally designed for marine engines requiring strong spark, these coils prove to be the best option for a rotary application.

The IGN-1A Ignition Smart Coils are perfect for boosted, high RPM, high compression, High HP rotary vehicles!

The IRP IGN-1A Plug & Play Ignition System allows you to easily and effortlessly install these High-Output coils.

Coils Highlights:

  • IGN-1A Smart Coils provided
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Minimum Output Voltage  (no load, at recommended dwell): 40,000 volts
  • Maximum Output Voltage: up to 81,000 volts (+/- 10%)
  • Output energy: 103 mJ
  • Spark duration: 2.9 ms
  • Primary resistance: 0.5 ohms (not directly measurable)
  • Primary inductance: 4.8 mH (not directly measurable)
  • Secondary resistance: 8,500 ohms
  • Secondary inductance: 22.5 H
  • Turns ratio: 71.1
  • Maximum current: 19 amps
  • Maximum battery voltage: 17 volts
  • Nominal dwell: 3.0 ms**
  • Weather and Shockproof design
  • Harness connectors and terminals included
    **Excessive dwell or duty cycle may cause meltdown.  As with any race coil, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty.  
Mounting kit:
  • Completely assembled and bolt on ready right out of the package.
  • Black powder coated lightweight aluminum mount
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • (Requires removal of cruise control)

Plug Wires

  • Includes Custom Length MSD SuperConductor Spark plug wires for a factory feel, plug-and-play coil solution!
  • All plug wires made in-house to ensure quality before they are installed or ship to the customer
Plug and Play Harness
Installing our harness requires absolutely no re-pinning of the factory igniter connector. It is 100% Plug and Play. There is no cutting or splicing required!
  • Tefzel Mil-spec M22759/32  & /16 Wiring
  • 40 amp Weather proof sealed relay
  • Separate engine grounds for each rotor, Chassis Ground and Battery Negative
  • Weather proof sealed fuse holder
  • Raychem DR-25, SCL & ATUM Construction
  • Additional strain reliefs at any stress points
  • ALL Connections and Cables are Labeled for effortless installation
  • Easy install (no cutting, re-pinning or splicing required)
  • All harnesses made in-house to ensure quality before they are installed or ship to the customer
  • Pre-pinned tefzel pigtail for OEM connector to allow for direct fire configurations included.

This kit typically ships with Haltech coils, but may be shipped with an equivalent leading alternative. Due to supply chain difficulties due to COVID-19 these kits and other items may be delayed past their estimated lead time. Please bear with us during these unprecedented times.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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