IRP 2 Piece 13b Corner Seals


20B Applications

20B Applications Require 6 more corner seals. Add 6 more seals here.


Introducing New IRP 2 Piece 13b Corner Seals
We sold out of our first batch before even making them live here on our website.
Regular Price: $389 for a set of 12 
Introductory Price: $339 for the this production run only.
Estimated Lead Time: Ready for Immediate Shipment  

The oem 2mm corner seal Mazda has used for decades was great for sealing due to its 2 piece design. It was plenty strong and did not cause excessive wear to the plates.
However over time and especially on higher hp/bigger port motors, the rubber inserts burn up or get clipped by the closing edge of the intake port.

Mazda resolved this issue with the 13bmsp RX-8 corner seal in 2004. However these were never offered to fit older 13b motors due to the height of the apex seal. We expanded on Mazda’s design and engineered a version that fits all RX-7 13b motors with 2mm apex seals.

Introductory pricing will be $339 for a complete set of 12 corner seals.

As always, we recommend using new Mazda oem NF01-11-C24 springs.

2 piece design promotes better sealing, higher compression, and reduced blow by.

The interlocking insert CANNOT fall out into the motor once installed.

Since they are of the same material and hardness as Mazda, expect a good balance of strength and low plate wear. Other aftermarket corner seals do not compare.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in


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