Compression Tests

We have an OEM Mazda rotary-specific compression tester. This is the same compression tester that the Mazda Dealers use to test compression. This is a $1800+ piece of OEM Mazda equipment and provides the most accurate results possible. Compression numbers can be separately seen for all rotor faces. The device also corrects for the Mazda specified cranking rpm of 250. We DO NOT use the $20 autoparts store compression testers many other shops use. Useful in determining the condition of a motor, quality of a build, or for general piece of mind.
Cost: $150

We also offer a Diagnostic Look-over & Compression test combo:

Useful when you first purchase a vehicle or are considering the purchase of a vehicle. Many potential issues are not immediately apparent. After purchasing a new car, the owner may be unpleasantly surprised with repair bills not planned for. We will look over key points of the entire vehicle. When applicable, we will make notes and recommendations of what service/repair needs to be performed and when. Also helps determine the value of a potential purchase. A seller should have no issues with having the car inspected by an impartial shop if they have nothing to hide. Includes compression test. Cost: $275 (Save $20)