Engine Rebuilds

Why are our motors better? For starters, we don’t believe in the “budget rebuild”. There are many shops that will slap a motor together re-using many internal parts and seals without checking fit and finish. Anyone offering complete rebuilds for ~$1000 is re-using parts and doing you a disservice. The motor might run for awhile, but it will never make the power, make high compression, or last as long as our motors. Additionally, aside from a short break-in period, our motors DO NOT need to have extended mileage put on them to “build compression”. Our motors have good compression from the start. We have logged over 20 track sessions and over 20,000 hard street miles at the 500 wheel horsepower level on our shop car without having an engine issue. Our goal is to offer the best motors at a fair price.

-For all turbo builds regardless of year, we use only 93-95 Mazda OEM seals and springs where applicable. These have Inconel content, and therefore have greater-heat resistance than earlier seals and springs. Many shops offer a “cheaper” rebuild price but use cheaper 2nd gen parts.

-For apex seals there are several quality choices available. For stock or lower power builds the Mazda oem 2 piece apex seals offer a good balance of strength and longevity. For higher horsepower or performance builds we recommend RX Parts seals. We have found these to be exceptionally resistant to detonation, yet they do not prematurely wear out the rotor housings as other aftermarket seals tend to.

-Mazda oem coolant seals work great in most applications. For those who want a little extra insurance, especially in cars that see track use, we also offer Viton coolant seals.

-We also offer Viton oil control rings. These are a MUST for any motor that runs E85 as the oem rubber oil control rings tend to dry out prematurely from the ethanol. We prefer the Mazda oem Viton oil control rings out of the RX-8 over some the the aftermarket offerings that tend not to fit as well.

-The stock tension bolts are fine at stock power levels. When approaching 500hp, engine studs are a must on the FD, and are recommended even at lower power levels with fcs. Contact us for more details.

-All engine rebuilds begin with a complete tear down of the motor. Next the hard parts are meticulously cleaned through our extensive cleaning/degreasing process. Carbon covered parts such as engine rotors come out looking as new. Every part is inspected/measured to make sure it is well within spec. We do not re-use any seals or gaskets. We also recommend replacing engine bearings with all rebuilds. Before reassembly all seals are clearanced and new bearings are pressed in. Finally the motor is professionally put together in a clean environment, with the correct torque specifications. Threads are cleaned and chased with a tap. End play is verified as it is essential to bearing life. The motor is hand-checked for compression. Additionally, every motor is pressure tested after assembly to ensure seating of the coolant seals.

-Each build includes a comprehensive list of pictures detailing the disassembly, inspection, porting, and assembly process which shall be emailed to the customer. With us there is never any question as what went into your motor.

-All motors include a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first) against defects in craftsmanship.

-Upon request we can include a spec sheet listing grade of all parts used, clearances, and other relevant information.

Here are some of our basic rates and options for rotary engine rebuilds. These apply primarily to 86-95 motors.

For RX8s 9 times out of 10 the motor will have too much internal wear to be cost effective to rebuild. If you need to replace the rotor housings, adding those to the price of the rebuild kit and labor usually comes out to be more expensive than purchasing a remanufactured motor, which will have new housings. In addition, a remanufactured motor will have a new oil pump, water pump, and other key parts.

Please note that these prices are for LABOR ONLY. In addition to the labor, a motor will generally require $1000-2000 in seals, gaskets, and bearings. The pricing will vary depending on year motor and the direction of the specific build. These prices also DO NOT include removing and replacing the motor if applicable.

Disassemble Long Block
(Twin Turbo)
Removal of all long block components on a stock twin-turbo or aftermarket twin-turbo motor. This does not include pulling the motor from the engine bay. $500
(Labor Only)
Disassemble Long Block
(Single Turbo or N/A)
Removal of all long block components on a single turbo or N/A motor. This does not include pulling the motor from the engine bay. $450
(Labor Only)
Basic Rebuild Includes all of the services mentioned above and yields a motor with as good as if not better than Mazda intended. Our clearancing tolerances are more precise than we have seen out of Mazda built motors $1,599
(Labor Only)
Rebuild with Stage 1 Ports Adds mild porting and polishing of the intake and exhaust ports. Suitable for mostly stock cars. Aids in smoothing out airflow into the motor and yields a moderate power increase when coupled with proper modifications and tuning. Also great for those that need to pass emissions. $1,899.00
(Labor Only)
Rebuild with Stage 2 Ports Includes opening up of the intake and exhaust ports significantly larger. Recommended for stock turbo cars with full bolt on modifications (intake, intercooler, full exhaust, fuel system, computer, etc) or small to medium sized single turbos. $2,199.00
(Labor Only)
Rebuild with Stage 3 Ports This option involves extensive porting of both the intake and exhaust ports. Has the potential for large power gains over a stock motor when coupled with proper turbo setup and tuning. Recommended for cars with larger single turbos or cars that see significant track use. $2,399.00
(Labor Only)
Rebuild with Stage 4 Race Ports A step more aggressive than our Stage 3 Port for those seeing the most power without resorting to more extreme measures such as bridge porting.
We also offer several extra options that can be performed at the time of your engine rebuild.
(Labor Only)
Oil Passage Modification This modification involves porting the oil passages around the oil pump and pickup tube. In stock form they are very rough cast with a lot of flashing material that can me removed to improve flow. The oil passages on the rear iron plate where the oil filter pedestal mounts are also enlarged and matched. Suitable for high horsepower cars and also those looking for every last bit of longevity. A must for cars that see the track or are raced. We have seen significant bearing wear in as little as 20,000 miles with cars that are frequently tracked. It is common to see slightly higher oil pressure readings after this modification. $200.00
Coolant Passage Modification Involves enlarging the coolant passages through the rotor housings. This enables more coolant flow and gives more surface area to aid in the transfer of heat from the engine to the coolant. One area given attention to is the coolant passage around the exhaust sleeve. This area sees the most heat and improving flow/surface area here aids greatly. Suitable for all cars. Especially effective in road race cars and those run in hot weather where extended hard driving puts a load on the cooling system. This is not by any means a substitute for a properly functioning cooling system with an upgraded radiator, proper coolant mix, and ducting of air. $200.00
Apex Seal Upgrades The stock Mazda seals offer a good balance of longevity and strength. However, they cannot withstand detonation. Generally one or two good knock will crack a stock Mazda apex seal and cause internal engine damage. Because of this we recommend upgrading the apex seals on any performance build. We offer  RX Part seals. Please contact us to discuss what is best for your particular application.