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IRP Powered FD Makes 455rwhp on Pump Fuel

We recently completed the 2011 IRP Chris Carlisi Memorial Engine for a customer down in Daytona Florida. Internal changes include oil and coolant passage modifications, RA Black ‘Super’ apex seals and race clearancing for high boost. Here is what he had to say:

Impressively the car put down 398whp at 13-14 PSI and 455whp at 17-18PSI. The IR Performance stage 3+ ported motor wanted more and should easily make 500 at 21-22 PSI with the addition of ID2000 secondary fuel injectors. The new engine netted 35 more horsepower than the previous at the same boost level. I cannot thank IR performance enough for the prompt service and endless customer support! I have patroned many rotary shops previously and they are by far the most honest and helpful. They take pride and passion in what they do and the results show!

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13B-REW for Road Race Car: Tear-Down, Porting, & Build

Here is a motor we recently received from a customer. This motor was rebuilt several years ago and had seen many track miles, including about 15 track days, numerous trips to Deals Gap Rotary Rally, and plenty of “backroad excursions”. It needed a lot of replacement parts and the owner decided to start fresh and purchased a new engine from Malloy Mazda. Once the new motor was in IRP’s hands, we promptly tore it down for porting and upgrading. This engine received NRS 2mm 1-piece ceramic apex seals, a Stage 3+ street port, and modifications to the oil and coolant passages to increase flow.

Photos of the tear down, and build of the new motor can be found after the break.

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Modified & Super Street Magazines: Customer’s Car Feature

Recently an IRP-built car was featured in not one, but two magazines: the June 2011 issues of Modified Magazine & Super Street. You can find more photos of this car in the Customer Cars gallery. Make sure to pick up copies of these magazines before they disappear from newsstands.

You can also read the full Modified Magazine feature right here.
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